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Chap SDK – Marketing & sales tool for companies
In order to better understand the Chap project, we first need to know what a so-called SDK is. The term SDK is an abbreviation of „software development kit“. Imagine a code that has been developed to integrate in any existing application with little effort, similar to the functionalities of a plug-in.

What we do – Chap SDK is an SDK that allows placing virtual trigger for push- notifications on geo-coordinates. In particular, a chap is a virtual pin that can be placed by companies anywhere and will show up as a push notification – with or without augmented reality – on the devices of the customers. Moreover, the company has the possibility to choose between different types of chaps and to trigger them at certain coordinates, times, and dates. That means it can place coupons, products or advertisements with or without the usage of AR and adapt them to individual customer needs and marketing goals.

The Scenario – Since e-commerce eats physical retail at an impressive pace, now it’s the perfect time to launch a product that helps to decrease this pace.
Research shows that global retailers are spending a huge amount in terms of budget for digital geo advertising: in 2018, it was 15.4 bn US dollars. There are many companies touching the same problem. From the very large ones like Facebook, Google AdWords, Instagram and Foursquare to the small ones like Wonderpush, Radar and OneSignal. Chap SDK is unique because we provide an SDK that allows for even more targeted notifications and therefore for higher conversion rates on the campaigns.

Our mission & target – Chap offers companies the opportunity to communicate with their customers in a new disruptive way with the emerging world of Augmented Reality (AR) combined with the power of geo-marketing. Moreover, it will be possible to cost-effectively test new advertising opportunities offered by geodata technology. The target customers of Chap are companies that run a webshop and want to
implement a geo-marketing tool for marketing purposes without having to bear
the high development costs themselves.

How it works – The Chap SDK is available for download directly from Chaps corporate website. Included with the download of the SDK is also a tutorial, which describes the simple implementation of the software in just a few steps. As soon as the Chap SDK has been integrated into a webshop, it will be extended by an innovative marketing tool. In order to make the implementation of the software as user-friendly as possible, Chap will provide its customers with a specially designed dashboard. After the implementation of the SDK, a company profile of the customer is created directly on the Chap Dashboard. The company can access the dashboard via an assigned login name and password and place their chaps. The main function of the dashboard is the possibility to place chaps on a map. The company will not only increase Chaps performance but also gain relevant data that could guide the marketing department’s next steps in the right direction. Part of the dashboard is designed to bring the data gained to the company through a clear analytical image in the Analytics section.

The Team – Chap SDK was born from the idea of Patrik Seebacher and Tobias Marmsoler, respectively born in 1992 and 1991. Seebacher, today CEO and CFO of the start-up was born and raised in Bolzano and has an innate passion for technology. He has also co-founded other start-ups, such as: W2, a web agency dedicated to the creation of applications, websites and business solutions for companies, Gipsyway, a sales portal dedicated to second-hand products, and Chap-App, a social network, based on augmented reality. Tobias Marmsoler, also from Alto Adige and Art Director of Chap SDK, collaborated as co-founder in all the projects mentioned above. After studying Design and Visual Communication at Bilgi University in Istanbul, Marmsoler received his degree in Graphics at the Free University of Bolzano. The team is completed by: Dieter Paccagnel, born in 1992, as CTO – Chief Technical Officer, and Lukas Schorn, 1993, as CMO – Chief Marketing Officer.

Where we are – We are incubated at NOI Techpark, the growing innovation district of South Tyrol, situated in the very north of Italy. It was opened in 2017, and has since become a place where companies, universities and research institutions all work towards strengthening the innovative capability of the local economy. 700 people in total are working on improving energy efficiency, living conditions, comfort, and safety, as well as on developing more agreeable and more sustainable food and on automating everyday processes. This growing network creates an inspiring environment for founders and start-uppers such as we are. In the modern start-up incubator, we receive help with setting up our company and are assisted through targeted programs.

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Patrik Seebacher

Patrik Seebacher


Tobias Marmsoler

Tobias Marmsoler

Art Director

Dieter Paccagnel

Dieter Paccagnel


Lukas Schorn

Lukas Schorn


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